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Hans Moks

1923 - 2011
Leaves in the Wind
Erna Relvik

1921 - 2000
St.Andrews by the Sea, N.B.
Olja Müller

Unknown Region I
Johannes Tanner

1924 - 2010
Landscape 3
Viive Kersti Jaason

Upland Trickle
Osvald Timmas

Rising Mist
Linda Landre

Cripsholm Castle, Sweden
Villem Leppik

1915 - unknown
Cubist-style Painting
Hele Gelzins

Wind of Freedom
Richard Sööt

1903 - 2002
Urve Arrak

1938 - 2011
Old Tallinn
Salme Soovere

1912 - unknown
Gathering the Harvest
Ellen Mannapso

Big Chute II, Ontario
Eha Luik

Red Plums
Anne Tori

Old Lauk
Ellen Mannapso

Riho Pild

1938 - 2008
Queen Street East
Peeter Kaups

1923 - 2006
Maple Trees in Winter
Juta Marie Tuul

1918 - 2009